Alloys and Aluminium Smelter // Alusigma SA

Aluminum alloys for the automotive industry and also for steel deoxidation.



Alusigma S.A. is a company from Asturias (north of Spain), whose production began in 2004 in its new facilities in Somonte (Gijon), where the company produces aluminum alloys for the automotive industry and, in addition, aluminum used in steel deoxidation.

Alusigma S.A. comes from the former company, Fundiastur S.A., which began its production in 1987. All of these alloys are produced from recycled aluminium scraps, in furnaces that are considered BAT (best available techniques) as it is said in the BREF for non-ferrous metallurgy ("4.3.4 secondary smelters, pages 303 and 304").

Alusigma S.A. annually recycles more than 26,000 tons of aluminum subproducts and other residues (copper scraps, magnesium, foams, etc.).

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